Bienvenue Delhi

Leaving behind the luxury and warmth of your own nest and flying off to a different migration spot to pickup straws and build a new home for oneself is something that each and every living soul on the planet ultimately strives for; it is something that has been embodied within by the nurture of our parents and so is the case with me. I flew from the comfort of my nest almost an year ago and little did I know that this freedom would bring with it lot of adventures and discovery of new and fascinating places and people. The new skies for me was “the capital of the county : DELHI”.
Armed with strength and hope, I expected the city to be welcoming and friendly. But my first taste with reality came when I realized Delhi was neither kind nor helpful.
But a stubborn and ambitious me has found my own pearls and gems worth cherishing in this ruthless city.
Well, if my story so far sounds interesting and make you want to read more, come again when I tell you what treasures I found in this barren land.
Till then, believe in the strength of your wings and soar in the cloudy skies!


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