The treasure opener

Living the raw, going through the earthiness, being able to run along side the roots of a cultural treasure, painting a self’s soul into the essence of traditions and pure form of rituals -that’s what it is like to be bubbled up in the world of a rich culture that nurtures not only your brain but also one’s soul, being able to know around the world’s long lost gem so closely.

And so is the African treasure of masks and masquerades; which perhaps are the continents’ premium art form, play grandly with illusions, ambience and paradox. Masks and masquerades are both more, and less, than what they appear to be. Their illusionist play can be comic and lighthearted, or deeply and seriously done, but always it is creative and imaginative art and artifice.

But that’s not all about it; there is more; more to know, and more to learn but isn’t it all that you ordered for the days. So here are your appetizers before we jump up to the main course for which you are to stick up your feeds and let your eyes have the conversations.


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