The raw beauty of essence and inspiration

African masks is one of the most intrigued and mesmerizing tribal culture around the globe ,however even being held so high in ethics , a culture so pure as such has been disregarded and endangered for far too long hence when pondering and researching around internet this ethnic culture came up to my attention.
The topics that’s inspired me bubbling into this treasure of Africa were:
1. THE COLOUR PALETTE: the earthiness of the colour palette has given appropriate attention and emphasis to the rawness and roots of the intrigued culture.
2. SYMMETRY : the culture and craft of masks making and masquerades was appealing to the eyes because of its pleasure of symmetry depicting how knowledge was flushed into the tribe of Africa back then.
3. GEOMETRICAL SHAPES : the knowledge of making mask making a delight to the eye can be witnessed by how astonishingly the structures onto the masks are geometrical and rough.
4. EMPHASIS ON THE EYES. : the only thing indistinguishable in all the Masks around the treasure of Africa was the emphasis given to the eyes which is held on high on the peaks of the culture.
5. UNIQUENESS IN EVERY TRIBE : this element was yet another mile stone to stop me by the root of masking and masquerades as this showed me how different and unique results can be derived from the very same process.
6. VALINTINO: Tribal Africa is a tricky theme for fashion designers, especially given all the Internet rage over cultural appropriation these days. But ,Valentino’s Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli showed the industry just how well it can be done, with dazzlingly intricate clothes that loosely — not literally — referenced a wide range of cultural groups of Africa .


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