The journey

Knowledge and learning doesn’t come to one all at once but is absorbed step by step with each passing milestone, with each passing day and in our case each passing module. And so is this module, which aims us to encourage us to think creatively, and also apply analytical approach to inform the development of design inspirations. This module will encourage our creative abilities and understanding of the process of design development through various tools and techniques. It will also enable you to arrive at tangible outcomes using various materials understanding explored using a track of the learning process visually.

Under which we were given a change to make appropriate choices to increase our research skills and independent decision-making power. The vast ocean of choices were:
1. CRAFT: craft is any tangible form that is intended to be used for some purpose other than pure decoration. Evert craft is indigenous to its place of origin.
2. FOLK ART: artistry from a place carried on by the people living in a particular region.
3. TRIBAL ART: artistry by the people from a tribal.
4. BIO MIMICRY: it is an approach to plan out sustainable solutions to human problems keeping in mind the nature and its time tested patterns and strategies.
5. DESIGN MOVEMENTS: it is the movement that sets a trend in an era and is based on following promotion of it by a group of people.

Among this huge and vast ocean of the cultures, the drops that I took are:
Al sadu weaving
Papier Mache
African masks and masquerades

But my magnet was the depth of the African culture;
African masks is one of the most intrigued and mesmerizing tribal culture around the globe ,however even being held so high in ethics , a culture so pure as such has been disregarded and endangered for far too long hence when pondering and researching around internet this ethnic culture came up to my attention.


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