a new slice to the cake of your knowledge

Well congratulations for following up till here, I know how much of pain was it for you to start off your reading with questions like “ what on earth is this new face on my feed going to tell me that I don’t know already? “Well I have an interesting solution to that for this time and for all the times to follow; because I am going to work my head off to make you stick around and in return I am going to serve you a platter brimmed with knowledge and something to always take along with you after you are done reading my efforts.

So what in for you today, you ask?

Being a new fashion associate, the first design vocabulary that anyone come across is either “fashion” or a combination of “ ART, CRAFT & DESIGN” but interesting the later is the one that quite intrigued me; telling (not really) that the usage of the three synonymously is not how it works around here.

So here is your platter for this blog:

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

Craft is the implementation of skills to give shapes and structures like sculptures.

Whereas, design is the reason and solution to solve and develop products to cater the needs of the users.

So here it is; your service hot and streaming for today.

Thank me later.


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